This is a guide on how to play dominoes, tweaked to the Jamaican style.

Basic Information

Cut Throat


Variations of Cut Throat

Variations of Partner

Glossary of terms

Term Meaning
Cutting This can be done to a double or to a suit of cards. Cutting a double is normally done after reading well in advance if it will help you win in the case of cut throat or you/partner win in the end game
One all play two This means when you and your opponents have the score of one point in total then the next round double six is posed and the winner of that round advances to two while the losers go to zero
Double Six The highest single counting card of a dominoes pack (6-6). This card is always posed at the first round when both teams are at zero, when both teams are at one and after a draw. It can also be played as a pose for the winner
Pose This is playing the first card on the board at the beginning of each round. Also a player can be said to have the pose. This means that that player has the least number of cards or will have the least number of cards when it is his/her turn
Game bruk When all players/teams have scored at least one point the game resets. This term is only used when playing six love. If all players/teams are at one then One All Play Two rule is applied (see One All Play Two in Glossary)
Pass When you have no card matching the suits to be played on on each end of the boar
Player Underneath Your Hand This is the player that plays after you. This person is who you ultimately want to pass when playing partner
Dead Double This means that your double cannot be played ever in that round. If all the other six cards of the double's, a suit is played and that suit is not on either end of the board then that double is deem to be dead
Love Jamaican term for saying score zero
Six-Love/Giving Six This means winning all the rounds of dominoes without allowing your opponents to win ( in the case of cut throat: not allowing at least one person from winning)