Our aim to share the long held secrets of the domino pros; the tips to move from beginner to good and from good to great!

Cut Throat

In the Cut Throat game each player plays for themselves, so wherever a reference is made to an opponent it will be all the board.

  1. Pose your strongest card, and not necessarily the biggest double. For example if you have the cards 1-2, 2-2, 6-6, 0-2, 4-3, 5-3 and 5-2; double dose (2-2) is your best pose as 2 is your strongest card and posing this will have the game start with 2 at both ends. It is very hard for you not to get a chance to play your double if it is the only card with that number you have, in this case double 6 (6-6).
  2. Remember which suit/suits your opponents have passed on in the current round as this will be vital towards the end when you are trying to make your winning play (game-reading)
  3. Never sort your cards as it gives your opponent an idea of where your strong cards and doubles are by just watching where you play from (game-reading)
  4. Killing your opponent's double is a good way to keep them out of the game barring a block and a higher count than you (INSURANCE).
  5. Watch what your partner/opponent poses because that card’s suit is probably the strongest he/she has.
  6. Before blocking evaluate your chances of having the lowest count: look on the board and take note of the cards not played as yet and look at your opponents/partner’s hands and evaluate if they could count lower or higher than you.
  7. If you have a very strong hand meaning that you have at least five of the same suit refrain cutting the suit; only play the suit if it isn’t at either end. This would be useful as this allows the other cards of the suit to be played out making you the only one with the rest of that suit.
  8. Always play a card that you have more than one of the suits of the card unless forced. Never play a card that you have no more of the suits ( this will allow for a better possibility of being passed)
  9. When in doubt, play your highest value card first as this will go against you negatively in a block.
  10. Blocking the game is usually your only hope of winning after being pass for 3 or more times. You may have to sacrifice a double to achieve this.


The tips for Cut Throat Applies to Partner Games, just remember that your opponents will be the other team and not your partner.

  1. Rule of thumb: Don’t play on the exposed end of the card your partner plays unless you have no option. This will also tell your partner and other players what you are weak on (Reading Partner)
  2. Try not to play cards that will aim your opponent in passing your partner. For example if your partner passed on threes (3) it would be best for you to play a card that will prevent three from coming on to the board
  3. Being consistent with how you play is essential in your game play as that is the only way your partner can understand how you play i.e. if your hand is strong with threes then ensure your partner will pick up on that; don’t play cards that you don’t have (teamwork)
  4. Ensure you play your strongest suit so as to let your partner know what to play to help you win.
  5. If the opponent has the pose, you and your partner must aim to pass the opponents. For example: The Player Underneath Your Hand has the pose, it would be very good if you passed him giving your partner the pose. (Useful in ensuring victory)
  6. Always think twice before killing a double. The feeling may be nice but your partner may suffer. Only kill your partners double if he is unable to win, so it will all be up to you to win.